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We make sure to have at least 3 new guest ales on every week. Drink the barrel dry? Dont worry, there is plenty more where that came from (in the celler)

"I tried my first ale in the tudor, HPA. I used to be a vodka drinker, now all i can taste is that sweet sweet ale!

In the charming and quaint town of Llantwit Major, steeped in History and famous amongst historians, walkers and cyclists is where you will find the Tudor Tavern. Tudor Tavern formerly named The Globe Inn along with the Old Swan Inn and the Old White Hart forms part of a Triangle facing in towards the Town Square where the War Memorial now Stands! To say it has a colourful history out of the three is an understatement. There is so much history associated with this lively pub it’s impossible to write about it all. It first became a public house in the 1840’s and from then it has a multitude of different owners through the three centuries. Many customers remember two past owners whom have kept some interesting pets including a Monkey & a Parrot in the 1900’s which as you can imagine have left their own stamp on the premises to which people still fondly recollect and remember to this day.


During the days in the 1800’s it was recorded that a young lad of 16 unfortunately lost his life by falling down the cistern and also another loss of life by someone hanging themselves in the stable after being given permission to stay the night… Over time there have been many stories of hauntings and sightings of ghostly happenings in the Tavern where locals love to tell of their own mysterious experiences!


The Tudor also hosts a games room where Pool & Darts can be played or for the less adventurous you’ll find dominoes and cards with crib boards for your entertainment. Weekends at the Tudor turns this traditional pub into a lively venue with live music the last Friday of every month and discos with their very own resident DJ till 01:00am where the Town and surrounding villages visit in their droves making it the ‘place to be’ on a Friday & Saturday night.

Jay & Kelly

Jay and Kelly have 2 children living with them and another 3 who are grown up and living in Bridgend. The children who live with them are Bae, 15, and attends Llantwit comp and the youngest; Kelyn is 9 and goes to St Illytdds. You’ll most likely catch Bae at the local skate park or down the beach. As with Kelyn, she's either at Llantwit RFC or on the pool table!

They are both in their 40’s and have moved from Swansea, although Jay is originally Tony Pandy, but grew up in Cefn Cribwr and Kelly is from a little village in Northamptonshire.


Their backgrounds are as such: Jay is a carpenter by day, although you may have seen him doing a lot of decorating in and around the pub. This is because they are taking it back to its original décor of Tudor style. Kelly is from a nursing background and was an RNLD, she was commissioned by social services in Neath and Port Talbot to run 5 day services for people with physical and/or sensory disabilities. Kelly’s contract ran out this last Christmas (2014) so from there on they have worked on and developed The Tudor to where it is now by opening all day every day and serving high quality and traditional ‘pub grub’.


They both have their hobbies, though you may be surprised to find that they differ from most people. Jay is very much into shopping and can shop for Britain if given the opportunity. He also loves gardening - and for those who need a little assistance in that department, he would very much welcome the chance as he not only finds it enjoyable and creative, but also extremely therapeutic. For Kelly, it’s Rugby, as she played for 22yrs in England and Wales and also ran for a special needs rugby team called the 'Swansea Gladiators' for the last 5 years.

They are totally approachable, love a good laugh and some banter, they have many other interests, including live music, music festivals, exploring new places. You are more than welcome to come and find out more about them, so don’t be afraid to ask. So all that’s left to say is to come and visit us very soon, you will feel right at home here in the cosy Tudor Tavern.


Fresh and tasty

Mixed Grill


Our 20oz mixed grill is probably the most wanted meal

in the major. All our meats are locally sourced and cooked to perfection. We reccomend this meal to all meat lovers & dont reccomend to vegeterians.

"I could not believe my eyes when i saw the mixed grill! An amazing price with amazing meats!!"

The Tudor Tavern Church Street,

Llantwit Major, CF61 1RR

Tel : 07919 496 800

E-mail: jayandkelly@hotmail.co.uk